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Take a look in your nearest makeup bag right now and count how many tubes, compacts and jars are made of plastic - Nearly all of them right?

It’s 2019, the shameful fact is that of the 446 BILLION POUNDS OF COSMETICS SOLD PER YEAR, the majority is produced in single-use plastic. The cosmetics industry is letting our planet down.

That's why we have created Gl₀H₂O, a traditional plastic alternative, destined to leave a positive impact on not only the cosmetics industry, but also the world.

Providing an essential alternative packaging option, that when finished with, magically disappears in water.

Vegan - Cruelty Free - Plastic Free 

The Ultimate in Feel Good Cosmetics

  • We want to drastically reduce the plastic waste created by the beauty industry. Read all about our journey so far...

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