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Gl₀H₂O In a Nutshell

Dissolvable Pot
Gl₀H₂O is the first of its kind for the cosmetics industry. This pot is as stable as traditional plastic in dry environments, but completely soluble in water!
Cruelty Free
All of Prima Makeup’s products are completely cruelty free. We love our fluffy bunnies and do not advocate animal testing in the cosmetics industry.
All of our cosmetics are created with plant based or mineral ingredients to ensure that our products are vegan friendly.
Friendly To Sea Life
Traditional polyester glitter is classed as a microplastic which is harmful to sea life. The glitter used in our cosmetics is biodegradable.
We send out your orders using recycled paper and compostable bags . We are determined to leave no trace with our products.
Party Perfect
Our range will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it's on the dance floor or at a festival, Gl₀H₂O is party perfect.

Since our launch three years ago, Prima Makeup has gained a reputation for innovative, eye-catching products. We were the first to launch a pressed glitter onto the UK market, selling over 180,000 units in the first year. We’ve grown rapidly to meet demand and now offer a diverse range of cosmetics, all produced to the same high standards.

We’ve always been ethically conscious and from the outset, a completely vegan and cruelty free brand. However, we felt we could go further still to reduce Prima Makeup’s impact on the planet.

That’s why in 2018 we challenged ourselves to transition to biodegradable glitter and completely ethically sourced products. After months of research and development, we’ve finally cracked it. The result is our revolutionary new cosmetics range: Gl₀H₂O.

Why is it a game-changer?

Traditional Cosmetic Glitter is a microplastic. Microplastics are tiny plastic discs, so tiny that they are able to pass through water filtration systems without being caught and continue into the world’s oceans. They are very harmful to sea life and can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose.

This is why we are so excited about the potential of Gl₀H₂O: an innovative cosmetics range, within a pot which will completely dissolve once its work is done. Say hello to guilt free cosmetics.

Our incredible pots are made up of a water-soluble synthetic polymer called polyvinyl alcohol.

You have probably come across it in your everyday life without even knowing it!

It is not only dissolvable but also biodegradable and leaves a solution which is non-toxic to sea life.

Although it has been around since 1924, we are only now realising its potential as an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic.

What makes this polymer so suitable for cosmetic application is that it is both solube in water and resistant to oils. This means all of your Prima Makeup cosmetics can safely remain in a pot for 5 years without it affecting the formula or performance.

It’s 2019. We’re all aware of the plastic epidemic and the drastic effect it is having on the environment. Some countries are making a huge effort to recycle, but National Geographic is reporting that
Despite efforts to recycle the plastic which is being created, the crisis continues.

The mass production of plastics began six decades ago and accelerated so rapidly that it created 8.3 billion metric tons- the majority as single use plastic.

That's why we endorse The New Plastics Economy to help reverse that trend. You can find out more about this exciting initiative here.

Part of that vision is the elimination of all unnecessary plastic – a principle many more of us would live by if big business offered a viable alternative. And right now, the cosmetics industry is letting us down. The shameful fact is that of the

446 billion pounds of cosmetics sold per year, the majority is produced in single-use plastic.

That is why, at Prima Makeup, we have created Gl₀H₂O, a traditional plastic alternative, destined to leave a positive impact on not only the cosmetics industry, but also the world. Together, we can show the global cosmetics industry there is a brighter, cleaner way to sell.

Beauty Shouldn’t Cost Our Environment.

- Keep your pot in a cool, dry environment
- Keep your pot away from direct sunlight
- If your pot gets wet it may become sticky- don't panic! It needs to be fully immersed in water to completely dissolve. Put it in a dry environment until it solidifies
- Share the love: tell your friends all about this revolutionary new material

Once you are done with your glittering and glowing makeup, be sure to rinse your pot out thoroughly as makeup residue may slow the dissolving process.
Unlike any other cosmetics packaging, Gl₀H₂O products dissolve in water, leaving a completely non-toxic solution which is safe to pour down the drain.
Option 1:
- Pop your empty pot in the dishwasher in the cutlery tray face up. Set the timer for a full cycle (the extra minerals will also help to clean the dishes!)
Option 2:
- If you want to watch the magic happen, you can place your empty pot in a heat-proof tumbler or glass and add either cold or boiling water. You may need to add additional boiling water and stir occasionally to encourage the dissolving process.
There may be a small amount of mineral residue left in your glass which is completely safe to pour down the drain.