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The Ultimate in Eco

We’ve always been ethically conscious and from the outset, a completely vegan and cruelty free brand. However, we felt we could go further still to reduce GloH2o's impact on the planet. That’s why in 2018 we challenged ourselves to create the worlds first ever fully biodegradable and dissolvable cosmetics packaging.

After months of research and development, we’ve finally cracked it. The result is our revolutionary new cosmetics range: Gl₀H₂O.

We don't only bring you innovative packaging, all of our cosmetics are formulated to inspire your creativity, are high performance and feel great on the skin.

The Game Changer

With nearly every single cosmetic item that's manufactured, being in plastic packaging, it was time to think about the environmental impact of the beauty industry. 

Have you ever thought about what happens to your lipstick case after it goes in the bin? Truth is, it's still on our planet and will be for years to come. GloH2o provides a zero waste option, meaning that once you have finished with it, you can dissolve it and it leaves no trace on our wonderful planet. 

Start to feel good about your cosmetics and minimise your carbon footprint. Shop ethically, ecologically and consciously. This is guilt free cosmetics from start to finish. 

The Science

Our incredible pots are made up of a water-soluble synthetic polymer called polyvinyl alcohol. You have probably come across it in your everyday life without even knowing it!

It is not only dissolvable but also biodegradable and leaves a solution which is non-toxic to sea life.

Although it has been around since 1924, we are only now realising its potential as an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic.

What makes this polymer so suitable for cosmetic application is that it is both soluble in water and resistant to oils. This means all of your GloH2o cosmetics can safely remain in a pot for 5 years without it affecting the formula or performance.

Hygiene Bands

When your GloH20 Product is delivered, you may notice a clear band, which circles the top of the jar. We make every effort to make the whole product eco-friendly and dissolvable, however there are some hygiene regulations which we have to abide by. Therefore we place a perishable rubber hygiene band around the top of the jar, which can also help seal the lid and prevent external sources getting into the product. If the band slips down, just gentle pull it upwards to reseal.  

When you have finished with the jar, just remove this band and place in the bin, before dissolving the jar. Don't worry, as it's rubber it will still degrade over time. 

We Love Fluffy Bunnies

We are passionate about being Cruelty Free and Vegan. We have never tested on animals and never will do. With todays technology, there isn't a need to do so. We create our products for humans, not bunnies. 

We are PETA registered and ensure that all of our supply chain also abide by these ethics.