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Product Care & How To Dissolve Your Pot

Product Care Instructions

- Keep your pot in a cool, dry environment
- Keep your pot away from direct sunlight
- If your pot gets wet it may become sticky- don't panic! It needs to be fully immersed in water to completely dissolve. Put it in a dry environment until it solidifies
- Share the love: tell your friends all about this revolutionary new material

Disposing Of Your GloH2o Pot

Once you are done with your glittering and glowing makeup, be sure to rinse your pot out thoroughly as makeup residue may slow the dissolving process.
Unlike any other cosmetics packaging, Gl₀H₂O products dissolve in water, leaving a completely non-toxic solution which is safe to pour down the drain.

- Pop your empty pot in the dishwasher in the cutlery tray face up. Set the timer for a full cycle (the extra minerals will also help to clean the dishes!)

- If you want to watch the magic happen, you can place your empty pot in a heat-proof tumbler or glass and add either cold or boiling water. You may need to add additional boiling water and stir occasionally to encourage the dissolving process.
There may be a small amount of mineral residue left in your glass which is completely safe to pour down the drain.