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GLOH2O Strobe Balm in 'Moonstone'

GLOH2O Strobe Balm in 'Moonstone'


‘Moonstone’ is a luxurious white shimmer with a hint of blush. Our multi chrome Strobe Balms are designed to be worn alone or combined with your favourite matte liquid lip.

From sheer to full coverage, this is the ultimate add-on to your lip game. With Vitamin E this product is designed to hydrate the lips with its rich and natural ingredients for a smooth and soft feel.

Offering a range of colours for all skin types, each one has its own unique look utilising multi chrome pigments. Incorporated into an adaptable base, Strobe Balm gives the lips a defined and volumised shine.

This product is non-sticky with a smooth and a soft texture, making them feel comfortable on the lips throughout the day. Our Strobe Balms give a plumping effect and look beautiful when worn alone or used as a lip toner when worn over the top of a matte liquid lip.


  • Easy Application
  • Multi-Use
  • Paraben Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Party Perfect Application
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Fully Dissolvable Eco Friendly pot
  • Friendly to Sea Life
  • Sent out in a fully compostable bag and recycled tissue paper
No need to go out and purchase a new brush, simply use your finger to pack on the pigment onto you lips. However if you do wish to use an applicator, a lip brush or sponge applicator can act as the perfect tool.
Although we think this is the perfect match for a matte liquid lip or to enhance a naked lip. With its multi use qualities, apply the balm on the eyelids to create a mesmerising sheen. Alternatively use the balm as a highlighter and apply to the collar bone to accentuate that glow.



GloH20, a World's 1st for beauty, where the packaging leaves no trace on our planet. Once finished with your product, this magic pot is completely biodegradable & fully dissolvable in water. 

Our incredible pots are made up of a water-soluble synthetic polymer called polyvinyl alcohol. It is not only dissolvable but also biodegradable and leaves a solution which is non-toxic to sea life. 

How to look after your pot: 

- Keep your pot in a cool, dry environment
- Keep your pot away from direct sunlight
- If your pot gets wet it may become sticky- don't panic! It needs to be fully immersed in water to completely dissolve. Put it in a dry environment until it solidifies

Be Social! We can't wait to see you rocking this stunning pigment and dissolving your pot on social, remember to #beautyshouldntcostourenvironment #glitterwithouttheguilt #GloH20

We are proud to be vegan, cruelty free and manufacture in the U.K. 

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